The Final Design

Finally rounding the corner, we have the final design of the website, which took various iterations that added and subtracted features and stylistic aspects to and from the final design.

Taking on style inspiration from other well known pet store websites, the final design plays upon those existing sites but uses Bark N' Bites' already existing branding to create a digital storefront representative of its' brand.

Going forward

Although, the final design of the website is presented here, there will always be additional changes to the smaller aspects such as the images and the blog posts in the Pet Parenting section of the site. Customers will continue to have a great and easy to use website that allows them to accomplish their pet needs at a touch of a finger.

I will continue to monitor and change any iterations with the business owner and as other customers continue to provide insights on the website's needs whilst developing the site and after the launch of it, as well.