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Case Study

Amplifying User Experience by Leveraging Monetization


Universal Studios, a renowned entertainment and parks company, aimed to enhance user experience, engagement and overall increase revenue on all platforms. As part of this initiative, the focus was on redesigning the monetization strategy across platforms to offer users seamless and compelling opportunities to spend while enjoying their experience at the theme parks or engaging with Universal Studios content remotely. Through strategic usage of user testing, data analytics and research, a final design that both showed further engagement and less confusion was shipped.


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To optimize the Universal Studios app and website's monetization strategy by providing users with valuable in-app purchases, website subscriptions, and experiences that align with their interests, enhance their visit to the parks, and drive user engagement, optimization and ultimately increase revenue.

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  • Increased user adaptation and retention across website and app vists by 25%.
  • New monetization strategy led to overall increase of 15% in pass purchases and overall revenue generation.
  • User testing results showed nearly 100% satisfaction of new redesign and site architecture.

Research & Analysis

  1. User Interviews: Conducted interviews with frequent visitors to Universal Studios parks and users of the app and website to understand their motivations, pain points, and preferences regarding in-app purchases, website subscriptions, and experiences.
  2. Competitive Analysis: Studied monetization strategies of similar entertainment and theme park apps and websites to identify industry best practices and areas for improvement.
  3. App & Website Analytics: Analyzed user data within the app and website to identify patterns in user behavior, popular features, and underutilized opportunities for monetization.
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Key Insights

  1. Users seek convenience and value in in-app purchases and website subscriptions, such as skip-the-line passes, exclusive content access, and personalized experiences.
  2. Limited visibility and accessibility of premium features on the website hinder users' willingness to subscribe or make purchases.
  3. There is potential to leverage cross-platform promotions and integrated loyalty programs to incentivize users to engage with both the app and website.
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Design Solutions

  1. Unified Monetization Strategy:
    • Developed a unified monetization strategy across the app and website, ensuring consistency in pricing, offers, and user experience.
    • Implemented cross-platform promotions and discounts to incentivize users to engage with both platforms and maximize revenue opportunities.
  2. Revamped Website Experience:
    • Redesigned website layout to prominently showcase premium features, subscription options, and in-app purchase bundles.
    • Implemented personalized recommendations and targeted promotions on the website to enhance discoverability and drive conversions.
  3. Enhanced Website Subscription Experience:
    • Introduced flexible subscription plans tailored to users' preferences and usage patterns, such as monthly, annual, and family plans, offering varying levels of benefits and discounts.
    • Streamlined the subscription sign-up process on the website, reducing friction and enhancing conversion rates.
  4. Integrated Loyalty Program:
    • Implemented a unified loyalty program across the app and website, offering exclusive rewards, discounts, and perks to subscribers and frequent purchasers.
    • Leveraged user data and behavior analytics to personalize loyalty program benefits and promotions, maximizing user engagement and retention.
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Implementation & Testing

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  1. Prototype Development: Developed interactive prototypes of the redesigned website features and monetization strategies for internal testing and iteration.
  2. Beta Testing: Rolled out beta versions of the website updates to a select group of users for feedback collection and performance monitoring.
  3. Iterative Refinement: Iteratively refined the website based on user feedback, A/B testing results, and performance analytics to ensure optimal user experience and revenue generation.


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  1. Increased Revenue: The redesigned monetization strategy led to a significant increase in website subscriptions, in-app purchases, and overall revenue generation for Universal Studios.
  2. Improved User Engagement: Cross-platform promotions, personalized recommendations, and integrated loyalty programs resulted in higher user engagement, increased session duration, and repeat visits to both the app and website.
  3. Enhanced User Satisfaction: Streamlined purchase flows, enhanced feature discoverability, and personalized experiences contributed to improved user satisfaction and loyalty across platforms.
  4. Positive Feedback: User feedback on the redesigned website was overwhelmingly positive, with praise for its intuitive interface, valuable subscription options, and enhanced overall experience.


By reimagining the monetization experience across both the Universal Studios app and website, the company successfully achieved its goal of providing users with seamless, engaging, and rewarding opportunities to interact with Universal Studios content and enhance their visit to the parks. The iterative design process, informed by user research and data analysis, enabled the creation of a cohesive and user-centric solution that drives revenue growth while delivering exceptional value to users across platforms.

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