I believe in      the power of       great storytelling.

👋🏽 Hi! My name is Kexin Jiang and I'm a UX | Product Designer, who utilizes my background in informatics and anthropology to create greater data-backed narratives for the users I design for.

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Who is
Kexin Jiang?

I am a UX | product designer from Chicago, who mends human-centered design and UX anthropology, to create delightful designs. I adore blending the intersection of data into design in order to make a difference in various communities. My mission is to create designs that diminish barriers and provide for communities in a digital space.

In my free time I enjoy photography, great company, and traveling :)


Kexin's design promises

01. User-Centered Solutions

No matter the reason for the design - I will always ensure that the designs I put out place the users at the forefront.

02. Intentional Design

Every part of a user's journey is unique and special. I ensure that every component, spacer, down to every pixel is intended for its proper use.

03. Data Driven Results

Coming from the background of anthropology and informatics, data and research are at the core of my work and backs the decisions and reasons behind what I design.


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